A LITTLE BACKSTORY. When I was in middle school, I used to sit on my dads computer and use his CAD program to import materials, build houses, and design the rooms inside of them. I loved interior design and always thought that's what "i wanted to be when I grew up". I remember when I found out Pinterest was a thing, I loved looking at interiors and pretending to re-design my bedroom or making mood boards for any other room. 

So when I moved to college I was so exited to start decorating my dorm room. I got a new start and could shop around to basically start over. I had gotten an Anthropologie gift card for graduation and used it to buy my comforter/quilt in my room. I still love that thing.

TIP! If you're going to be moving in a dorm soon, or shopping for a student who is, get a comforter or quilt in a queen size, even if it's a twin XL bed. It'll look nicer and comfier for one, and you'll be able to use it after you move out. It also gives you more styles when you're shopping!

The next year I moved into a house. I needed a full set of furniture and bed frame, but like any other college student, I was on a budget so a lot of the items you'll see around my room I got for a steal!

You don't have to spend a ton of money to make your room your own and make it look good! 

MY BED. The most important part of my room is my bed. I love my bed. I'll sit in it and drink coffee in the morning or do homework during the day. I was extremely lucky to have a family with such good taste. This bed frame is actually my great grandmothers iron bed! Then I got this great, jersey comforter from Urban Outfitters. They still have jersey comforters but not this exact one. It feels like a super soft t-shirt. (I linked one similar under the photos)

PILLOWS. The pillows came over time. The big fluffy pillow in the back came from Pier 1 Imports. It was fairly expensive and I got it when I was shopping for my dorm and only needed one but now I really want to look into getting a second one to match. The two embroidered shams I actually got from Home Goods in the clearance section! They were $16 for the both of them. The two teal, shimmery pillows are from Home Goods too. They came in one of those bundled sets and they were under $30. (So don't sleep on Home Goods guys!)

THE BLANKET. Probably the most expensive piece in my room (but my absolute favorite) is this Fabulous Fur, faux fur throw blanket! I got mine from MACK Home here in Columbia, and they are more expensive but not as expensive as a real fur blanket and it's not real fur, so yay! It has a velvet underside and it's super warm and soft. My print is "arctic leopard" but they have all kinds of colors, sizes, and patterns. Highly recommend adding it to your Christmas list!

PALMS. The palm fronds over my bed are also from MACK and were only $15 each. I knew I wanted something over my bed, but never really fell in love with any art in particular so when I saw these fronds, I had the idea to cross them over my headboard and now it's one of my favorite things about my room. 

MY RUG. I got this rug from Wayfair. I had such a good experience with them! It's an 8x10 and I probably shopped around for a rug for several weeks until I found this one. I wanted the old turkish rug feel but wanted to stick to my cool color scheme I had going with the "succulent tones". I found this one for a deal and even though they don't have this one in stock anymore, they have TONS to choose from and they even shipped it to me in two days!

FURNITURE. I stained and painted the furniture myself! If you're looking to cut costs, try an unfinished furniture store. I bought the pieces I wanted then stained the top a medium stain and painted the base an ivory, then I found inexpensive, brass knobs at Home Depot. I liked this process because I'm super particular and knew what kind of furniture I wanted and how many drawers and the height I needed. I was able to select the perfect pieces and paint them exactly how I wanted for way cheaper then I could have bought them for (PS I based mine off of a set I saw on Anthropologie).

Scroll to the bottom under these photos to follow the links of some of these items
And click an image to enlarge

RUG: Wayfair
WHITE SHAG PILLOW: Pier 1 Imports 
COMFORTER: Urban Outfitters ( this is not the exact one but its similar) 
FABULOUS FUR: Donna Salyers Fabulous Furs

THE DESK. On the other side of my room, I have a little nook where I have an L-shape desk just hung with L-shape brackets. My dad helped me install this because I needed a place to do my makeup and have as a desk for work. I use the makeup part of my desk almost everyday. It's the perfect little set up for me. I keep all my makeup and hair things organized, hidden, and sorted in these cubes and can easily access everything I need to get ready from right in that little corner of my room. 

THE MAP. These great prints came from a random trip to the Pottery Barn outlet. I'm not sure why we even stopped in but ended up leaving with these two for $99. Quite the steal. I had a hard time finding a place to put them before I moved into this house. They're so big but really ended up working on this large, blank wall and add the perfect little bit of color that I needed.

THE CUBBY & LITTLE THINGS. You can obviously find these little cubby shelves anywhere, but my cubes are from Target, just $5 each. The letter-board is from Target also! My chair is one that I had from when I was younger. It's from PBteen years ago but I'm sure they have very similar options still. The small rug at my desk is also from Home Goods, go figure. So is the jewelry box and jewelry tray... Okay I'm Home Goods obsessed. 


CUBES: Target

Thank you for reading! I've loved sharing my closet and now my room with you. If I didn't mention something or you you have any questions, leave me a comment! I'm always adding new things to it and getting new items that I'm told college students really don't need but I'm obsessed with home goods and throw blankets and champagne glasses so I'll keep buying and switching because it makes me happy!