This photoshoot was done in Jacksonville Florida for Jamie Geller, an accomplished Israeli celebrity chef, food writer, and public figure. She is also the founder of "Joy of Kosher" and  previously was behind the camera helping produce major HBO shows like "Sopranos", "Entourage", and "Sex and the City". Today, she and her husband live in Israel with their six kids. She travels to the US frequently and is even a regular on the Today Show. 

For this shoot, we wanted to channel in the "Israel Chic" look with old world history, mixed with some new modern finishes that we thought embodied Jamie. In this shoot, I was able to work alongside with my good friend and amazing photographer, Joanne Nguyen, to capture her style and personality in photos for the upcoming launch of "Fresh Families".  


I was the main stylist for this shoot, able to select the items that would be seen in the background of the videos and photos we took that weekend that are being used to promote Jamie Geller and her brand. I was also able to select the outfits that you see her wearing in each one of these photos as well as her accessories. The tabletop was also something I was able to design from the tablecloth to the plates. 


The tabletop was fun. I wanted to incorporate the Mediterranean blue into the photos by having it be in the table cloth and vases in the center. Mixing in some metallics with the serving pieces and plates added the modern touches without overpowering the natural wood chargers and stone details. I really envisioned having these clear plates to show off the wooden chargers that in a way anchored the whole place setting and kept the modern, crisp feel. Some of the darker serving plates really showcased the bright and colorful foods in the shoot. 

If you want to see more about where these tabletop items are from, check out my blog post about it - Jamie Geller: Tabletop


Working in the studio kitchen was so nice. We were able to adjust lighting and showcase colors well in the very clean, neutral kitchen set. Her outfits for these photos, we wanted to have a range of her go-to comfortable tops like this blue one that also matched our overall scheme with the Mediterranean blue. 

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The home that was selected for the photos was bright and had lots of natural light and space. For these photos, we wanted to show the family and friends that inspire her brand and Fresh Families. I selected these great jackets for Jamie to wear at this location because they really showed her fun and stylish personality while still abiding to the dressing qualifications of her Orthodox Jewish religion.