We all know it's easy to make your life look so great on Instagram. I know a lot of my posts are curated and scheduled. Most of the time they're pre-planned in my head and I shoot several in one day. I can get a little wrapped up in making everything look perfect and seamless together in my feed and I do love clothes and styling people and coming up with outfits, but I decided to start sharing what I wear on a normal day ( or in this case, basically everyday for a week :) ).

It was super cold over here on the east coast the past couple of weeks. If I went out, I wore this outfit or some variation of it. 

So, lets start with this sweatshirt I wear everyday. It's American Eagle, which they do makes some comfortable stuff. Have you been to aerie lately? S'cute. Their sweatshirts and comfy tops are so easy to mix and match and wear everyday to class. I got this one last year and I wear it all the time. 

These leggings. Oh man. I got them for Christmas from Anthropologie. They're Spanx and I'm obsessed. I saw a bunch of bloggers starting to wear these cool Spanx leggings but then I tried them on and I can see why. They are warm, but breathable, high waisted, and hug you in the right places. I was looking into getting a nice pair of leggings for Christmas like Lululemon but these are a much better deal and they come in so many different styles. 

This jacket I found at Marshalls and it's Steve Madden. I got it in February this past year right before I went to Canada and it was such a great decision. I love the longer coats like this when it's cold out. It makes such a difference if you're a naturally frozen person like me. 

I snagged these boots from Nordstrom Rack after Christmas. They were only $29 and they're Sam Edelman! I needed some good rain boots and finally found these and I love them. I don't think they're online anymore but you may be able to find them still in store. The chelsea style makes them easily to wear with anything and I've worn them with a regular outfit before... like it wasn't even raining or snowing I just wanted to wear them. I linked some similar options down below. And let's not forget this beanie. I wear it every time it's cold. It's BCBG but you can find a similar one I found on aerie's website right now. 

As always, scroll to the bottom for outfit details and links 

SWEATSHIRT: American Eagle
COAT: Steve Madden - At Marshalls
LEGGINGS: Spanx - At Anthropologie - SHOP
BOOTS: Sam Edelman - At Nordstrom Rack - SHOP SIMILAR