On this day, shooting this outfit, I froze. Hope you find it worth it :)

I love this sweater. I'll say it, Express might just be making a comeback for me. I bought a few things from them back in the day but they kind of dropped off and now I love them again! All their sweaters this season were so cute and they had really good sales around Christmas time. This sweater is thicker but breathable and you can wear it like a big cowl neck/ turtle neck or off the shoulder. The ruffles are so fun it looks great with jeans or dressed up with a cute skirt. AND it's on sale right now for $30 + 50% off. So follow that link at the bottom! 

Attention girls who want to wear skirts but have hips and booty. This skirt is so great. I have trouble with skirts most of the time because the waist to hip ratio gets me. This one has pockets, it's not super short, and the waist actually goes in so you don't feel like you're wearing a tube. There's no gap in the back! What a concept. 

These boots are quickly becoming a favorite of mine. They came from Forever21 and they were having a sale at the end of the year where a ton of stuff was half off so I snagged these for around $15! 

These earrings are Sugar Fix by Bauble Bar at Target. I got 2 pairs of really fun earrings for Christmas and they're so well priced. 

Shop the outfit through the links at the bottom! 

SKIRT: Forever21 - SHOP
BOOTS: Forever21 - SHOP 
EARRINGS: Sugar Fix by Bauble Bar- SHOP